1 6 Kimono & Tie Japanese Figurine Q-Six Version (2 HIPs)Unpainted Resin Kit

Takom 35 1 US Kit Model Plastic - Tank Recovery M31 e2075rerm22533-Armour

1 6 Unpainted Female Soldier Bust Sci-Fi Girl Figure Resin Statue GK Unassembled

Takom 35 1 US Kit Model Plastic - Tank Recovery M31 e2075rerm22533-Armour

1 60 God Gundam Mobile Fighter G Gundam

1 60 PG RX-178 Zeta Gundam Mk-II Multi Coating Version Model Rare Kit Unbuilt

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1 700 Five Star IJN Yukikaze Destroyer Kagero Class Super Upgrade Set Photo Etch

1 700 Fog fleet series@No.25 Super-battluship Yamato
1 700 Hobby Boss Soviet Aircraft Carrier Baku
1 700 Tamiya IJN Aircraft Carrying Cruiser Mogami w Naval Port Scenery Set 25416 1 6 Scale Male Head Sculpt Model Toys Journey For 12 Male Figure Head Sculpt